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Balance Point Triathlon is triathlon club located in London, Ontario.    We welcome athletes of all ages and ability levels.  Current athletes range from agre group World Championship qualifiers,  Ironman and Half Ironman athletes, Olympic distance and Sprint athletes to beginner triathletes working towards their first triathlons.    The club is built around the philosopy triathlon success  reaquires a special balance between sport science and sport psychology.     Group workouts are geared toward the group as whole as well as towards individual goals.


Gabbi Whitlock has been coaching triathletes for 15+ years and has helped hundreds of athletes to successfull races.    Gabbi is an NCCP  certified triathlon and swimming coach as well as taking the technical component of the NCCP cycling course.    Gabbi strongly believes in the important of professional development and she engages  on improving her skills as triathlon coach by participating in conferences, courses, reading journal articles, and talking to coaches and athletes.   She has held numberous coaching jobs including  working with the Scarborough Swim Club, masters swimming, eight years coaching the University of Western Ontario triathlon club (1997-2004), Running Room clinic instructor Learn to Run to Marathon plus the triathlon clinic,  Total Immersion Coach at weekend clinics as well at the Total Immersion Triathlon week long triathlon clinics in Vermont.   Gabbi currently coaches the swim workouts for MultiSport Zone triathlon store.     As an athlete,  Gabbi started as a competitive swimmer and did her first triathlon at the age of 14.   Gabbi has competed in all distance of triathlons from Sprint to Ironman and has been racing for over 20+ years.


Shannon Whitlock is  one of the assistant swim coaches and kids club mentor.    Shannon has been assisting Gabbi with coaching swim groups for the past 10 years.  She has coached at mini swim clinics,  for the Western Triathlon club and at Total Immersion weekend and week long camps.    Shannon was a competitive swimmer and loves to participate in triathlon relays.