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Spencer Summerfield
– World Duathlon AG Championship Qualifier 2014, 2015
– 2014 Duathlete of the Year Triathlon Ontario
Being a part of Balance Point triathlon has helped me grow both physically and mentally as an athlete and person. Through the guidance and training of Gabbi Whitlock I have improved from season to season consistently. The highlight for me was representing Canada in June of 2014 at the Pontevedra World Duathlon Championships.  I was able to push my limits and see how I compared to some of the best athletes in my age group in the world. If you asked me a few years ago if I would ever thought I would travel to Europe to represent my country as an athlete I would have just laughed. Now after reaching that level I can truly say that an experience like that changes you and opens your eyes to all kinds of possibilities. Worlds was a lot of hard work and dedication and coach Gabbi was instrumental in helping me reach my goals and then push past them.

BPT has a amazing year round training style that focuses on every element of training indoor/outdoor running, swimming and biking. My favourite part personally would be the indoor watts classes in the BPT “pain cave” where you push your body past all limits and surprise yourself.People are always asking me about my training and fitness level and in reply I can honestly say that dedication of Gabbi Whitlock and the Balance Point Triathlon Club has helped me become a better person as a whole. I recommend anyone who wants to test themselves and push the limits both physically and mentally to get involved in multi-sport. You will find that the group of athletes that make up the Balance Point Triathlon club are a exceptionally fun and supportive group of people with like minded goals and ambitions.



“I have been a BPT member for about a year. I have greatly appreciated the coaching for all three disciplines, and I am most impressed with the swim coaching I have received. I have greatly improved as a swimmer and as a result, I have greatly improved my abilities as a triathlete in general. BPT coaches and club members alike are very welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. I really appreciate this because my kids love coming to BPT workouts! My whole family is  continually inspired to embrace a healthy active lifestyle and positive outlook on life’s challenges. That is what makes BPT special to my family and I. Vive la BPT!”



Ileana Paul (2nd place age group series winner in MSC Recharge with Milk Triathlon Series) :
Training with Balance Point has given me the confidence to start each race feeling like I am ready to give it my all. Coach Gabbi inspires you to challenge yourself and also to encourage those around you. The atmosphere at each workout is positive – I always look forward to getting together with my teammates – even for a 6am swim!



Amanda Switzer ( Provincial Champion Sprint and Olympic Distance 2011, World Championship Qualifier,  1st overall in 20-24 age group MSC Recharge with Milk Triathlon Series):
Training with BPT has given me the opportunity to love racing and work hard.  Before meeting Coach Gabbi I had no desire to push myself and “racing” was not something I was fond of! I participated in the sport just to finish and making my pain my friend was out of the question. I never believed I could meet the goals I’ve currently made. Coach Gabbi teaches ALL of her athlete’s the proper tools to succeed in the sport both physically and mentally. The unique training philosophy provides an opportunity for ALL of her athletes to succeed. Coach Gabbi stands by her athletes and will do whatever it takes to help each and every athlete reach their goals. I always look forward to the positive club atmosphere and the challenges of each workout.  I’m excited to continue my Triathlon journey working alongside Coach Gabbi and my BPT members.