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Cost $300yr / $25mth $480 / $40mth $720yr / $60mth $1000yr / $80mth
Winter Workouts 1/Week 3 Runs, 1 Bike 3 Runs, 1 Bike 3 Runs, 1 Bike
Summer Workouts 1/Week Up to 3/Week All Workouts All Workouts
Club Talks & Guest Speakers *Extra Cost  Included  Included   Included
Mailing List * Basic info only Included  Included  Included
Training Peaks Access No  Group Account Group Account Personal Account
Watts Classes Included No  1/Week  1/Week  1/Week
Personal Meetings No  No  2/Season As many meetings as needed
Personal Email Communication No 1/Week 1/Week Emails as needed about any aspects of training
Extras - - Bike Power Zones Go Swim-Technique Drills  Swim Video Analysis as needed Zones Testing


Other  Cost
Winter Watts Only $150/12 Weeks *Can only register for Watts once members have registered
Zone Testing for Run $50 /Per Test * Testing for this is preformed on a treadmill
Swim Video Analysis $50 for YMCA members
$75 for non YMCA members
*Underwater. Immediate feedback plus online Go-Swim access.