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 Winter 2018 Pricing

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Private Kids Club – BPT parent Kids Club Only (no BPT parent)
Cost: $25/mth $40/mth $60/mth $80/mth $100/mth $25/mth $50/mth
What you get: 1 workout a week – Sunday spin OR track 1x watts a week
2 workout combos being:
track and Sunday bike, track and Sunday swim, Sunday swim and Sunday bike
1x wattts plus two other Club workouts
2x watts
2x watts plus other workouts  private coaching Kids Club workouts per kid Kids Club workouts no parent in the Club


Other  Cost
Winter Watts Only $150/12 Weeks *Can only register for Watts once members have registered
Zone Testing for Run $50 /Per Test * Testing for this is preformed on a treadmill
Swim Video Analysis $50 for YMCA members
$75 for non YMCA members
*Underwater. Immediate feedback plus online Go-Swim access.